Banking & Finance

No one understands the banking & financial industry changing face better than we do. Contact us today and find the right fit for your company.

We source top professionals from around the world for key positions in leading banking and financial services organizations across Middle East. Our discerning clientele includes domestic and global banks, accounting firms, investment boutiques, pension funds, non-banking financial institutions, and management consultants.


Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas sector in Middle East is a significant influencer in the major decision-making process for all other sectors in the economy.

As the demand for energy keeps rising globally, the demand for skilled manpower to steer the industry keeps rising exponentially. Oil & Gas Industry is a majorly catered service by Captarius.


Electronics is another industry that flourish in this region, mainly because of high standards of life. People in Middle East are equipped, as they have resources and finances to be. Lifestyle electronics to efficient electronic systems are part of various modern ecosystems.

Quality of product and their pricing is also one of the competitive in the world. Hence, Electronics has a industrial boom in this part of the world, and Captarius is ready to harness it.

Food & Beverages

Captarius caters needs across a range of services for food and beverages industry.

Our hotel & hospitality consultants provide practical, profit-oriented advisory services across a broad range of hospitality property types and business models, and as hands-on support implementing their recommendations.

Owners, Investors, Operators, and Senior Executives across the full breadth of the hospitality business have come to rely on Captarius's experience, innovative thought, and industry leading resources for both domestic and international assignments.

Retail & Industries

Retail is the major growing sector with continuous demand of resources and manpower.

Captarius support Retail Industry with research, placements, certifications, automation, process management etc. HR turnover and support is subtential in Retail Industry. Attrition rate is high and ever going expansions creates opportunities at all levels. Captarius caters all with equivalent efficiency.


Middle East market has abundance of probability for new manufacturing setup with Government subsidising many economic zones in and around UAE.

Our core services include consulting, setup, documentation, executive search, advisory and strategy Services. Our team consists of Industry experts having an in-depth knowledge of the domain.

Our core competencies are Software development, IT consultancy and Project outsourcing.

Captarius emerged in 2018 understanding the growing needs of our clients in diversified model with a changing environment and technology. It became necessary for us to cater the needs of our clients in broader aspects under our flagship. Captarius now offer multi-disciplinary management consulting services and information technology solutions.

Captariuis equipped with specialist approach to take care of individual attention and solutions required by an ever-changing project environment.


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